Food Matters at Jeda Yoga Retreats Center

You are what you eat! Eat good, look good, feel good.


At Jeda Yoga Retreats Center our in-house vegan chef prepares delicious healthy food only using wholesome, fresh
and local ingredients.


The dishes we serve are complimentary to the Yogi lifestyle. Yoga is the guiding principle for the retreats and the food we serve reflects and compliments that.


We serve not just healthy Yogic food, but meals that are delicious in their own right. We believe that the right food creates the right mood & energy for people to have a truly memorable retreat experience. All the menus we have served at our retreats
have been a huge hit.


All ingredients are guaranteed free of MSG and other taste enhancement agents. Use of salt is kept to a minimum. We do not use added sugar. Our vegetables and fruit are as much as possible purchased from local small producers; they are fresh and free of chemical residues. We only use pure cold pressed oils in our cooking and preparation of dishes.There are many wheat-free dishes available for people with related dietary allergies. If you have any special dietary requests feel free to mention it to us and we are more than happy to accommodate your needs within
the scope of our possibilities

Jeda Villa is located in in the village of
Pemuteran, a well- known diver’s spot in the
north-west of Bali, three-hour’s drive from
Ngurah-Rai Airport.


Terms & Conditions


Telephone: +62 822 37 28 42 32



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